Parents may register their child/children for entry when they visit the school.  Children registered for entry are required to attend an informal assessment before a place can be confirmed by the school. Parents should contact the School Office for further  information about places available in Junior One or the Main School.

GIRLS at 7+ & 8+
Places are usually available in Year Four and sometimes in Year Three, subject to assessment, and discretionary bursaries are also available. Girls who have joined us later in the Main School and our Bursary Pupils have all benefited from the small classes and tutorial teaching to achieve well at 11+, continuing on to a broad range of secondary schools including St Paul’s Girls’ School, Marylebone Arts School and Greycoat Hospital.

There are a number of Academic and Music Bursaries regularly awarded to children already studying at the school and available for those applying for entry from 7/8+.
Further details from the School Office.

The conditions of entry should be read carefully and the registration form signed by parents or guardians.

The fees cover the costs of most activities, school trips, lunch and stationery. Items, such as badges and examination fees, will be supplied at cost.
Each term’s account must be settled on or before the first day of the term but there is also provision for parents to spread the cost of fees over the year if this is preferred. Please ask for further information from the School Office. For new pupils joining the school, a substantial deposit will be required to secure any place offered. The deposit is not refundable in the event of the place not being taken up. When a place is taken up, the deposit is credited to fees for the final term in the Main School, subject to a full term’s notice of removal in writing being received by the first day of the final term.

Notice of intention to remove a pupil at the end of any term must be given in writing no later than the first day of that term, otherwise payment for the following term, in lieu of the full term’s notice, will be required.
This rule also applies to the discontinuance of music lessons and any extra curricular lessons.
The Principals reserve the right to ask a pupil to be removed.
Further information about exclusion and the school's policy on behaviour are available on request.
The School Policies on Child Protection and the Complaints Procedure are also available on request.