The school's most recent inspection was in March 2013. Please find below excerpts from their report. The full report can be found at reports.ofsted.gov.uk


"Pupils demonstrate excellent speaking and listening skills. They are highly articulate and use ambitious vocabulary in class discussions."

"Pupils are confident and able mathematicians. The school's recent focus on developing pupils' skills in mental calculation has been successful. Pupils solve oral problems with speed and accuracy."

"The behaviour and personal development of pupils are outstanding. There is a very friendly, welcoming atmosphere in this family school where all the pupils are very well known and cared for by the staff. "

"The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of the pupils is outstanding. They have many opportunities to experience the beauty of the world around them through the varied off-site visits to galleries and museums and the use of nearby Hyde Park. "

"Teachers, and teaching assistants, question pupils skilfully in class discussions to develop and extend their thinking, and ensure that all pupils take part in making a contribution. "

"All pupils learn to play a musical instrument during their time at the school and the expectations of their performances in musical and choral activities are very high. "

"Leaders have been successful in securing pupils' good achievement over time and are committed to ensuring that all pupils receive a high standard of education. Staff morale is high and leaders have generated a shared commitment to improve the school.