As a small family school we are particularly proud to have supported and funded many of our children through the early part of their education, both for short and long periods. These children have continued on to both state and independent secondary schools and some have been awarded academic scholarships, chorister scholarships and various art and music awards.
Many children who have joined the school at a later stage, have benefitted from the small, tutorial size classes at the top of the school, particularly children who lack confidence in their abilities and those with academic potential but who may have missed the chance of a good academic foundation. We welcome and enjoy helping these children fulfill their potential to achieve a successful outcome at the 11+ entrance examinations.
The school welcomes applications from parents who feel that their child would benefit from attending Connaught House but who may not be able to afford the full fees.


Academic Scholarships, normally for girls, from 7+or 8+, will be awarded on the basis of academic performance in school, or by academic examination for children joining the school.  Scholarships can cover between 50%-75% of fees, up to Year Six, subject to the School’s Terms and Conditions.


In certain situations, Bursaries, normally for girls, can be offered to children who in our opinion will significantly benefit from attending the school, particularly children from local families. In such cases, the criteria for entry is based on the child’s potential. Bursaries offered will normally cover up to 90% of fees, up to Year Six, subject to the School’s Terms and Conditions.

The School respects the confidentiality of bursary awards made to families and recipients are expected to do likewise.  The school is a data controller under the Data Protection Act and information submitted in connection with bursary applications will be processed lawfully and fairly in accordance with the Data Protection Act.


There are several Music Awards for children already attending covering one to three years of music study. These are awarded to boys and girls who show exceptional promise or who have made exceptional progress.  These cover 100% of fees and are normally awarded to pupils in Year Two or above and are at the recommendation of their music teachers.


There is funding available for any family, with a child or children already attending the school, who experience temporary or long term financial difficulties. This funding is subject to the School’s Terms & Conditions.