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CHS News January 2017

Although it was a relatively short Christmas break the children returned looking fresh and ready for action, which was just as well as the beginning of term has certainly been busy! Starting with the prep and senior school entrance exams and ending with a mini-blizzard!


Prior to the start of the term, Miss Grunewald led a Mindfulness Workshop for staff as many children do find this simple form of meditation helpful at stressful moments.


The Drama Club set off to a good start and, judging from the comments of the children participating, it looks as if it will become a very successful after school activity.


This term, Junior One, have begun French.  The children were also very excited when they boarded the coach for the first time to the Little Venice Sports Centre for their first gym class.


A warm welcome to Petra and Leah who have joined Form Two and Form Five respectively – both girls have made a good start to the term.


Finally, we would all like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their often very thoughtful, generous gifts at the end of last term. If CHS staff are a little broader round the waist at the start of this term then this is most certainly due to so many delicious treats received!


Seasons, by Josie, Form 6

Winter is a terrorist.

He snatches the last traces of summer and steals the only life leaving the landscape barren, bare and cold.

He fears only spring, who melts his cold ice and brings back life to the earth, turning the snow to fresh rain. He causes the rabbit to cower and keep its white coat.


Summer is a cicada, chirping in the green, green grass.

Only when the first rays of sunlight warm the earth,

May he spread his wings and fly.


Spring is a gurgling burn.

He trickles down the mountain, watering the flowers as he goes, letting the animals drink from his pure waters.

Their thirst takes control of them though and his last forgotten droplets are burnt by the sun as it rises to take his place and start summer.


Autumn is a brittle conker, thudding on the ground,

Finding nuts for squirrels and preparing the animals for the long and hard winter ahead.

He is whisked away by a child who sickens him by soaking him in vinegar; his hard work never pays off.

Then he is cracked and left to rot in the long, hard winter, while all the animals he helped are tucked away, warm and full through all of it.