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CHS News 6th January 2016

Happy New Year and welcome back! The Christmas period has been an eclectic mix of floods and early daffodils and we already have tree blossom in Connaught Square. However, as we are not entirely sure if this mild weather will remain, we do have contingencies for ‘snow days’ and various eventualities. Thank you to parents who have offered to be ‘points of contact’ and we will be in touch fairly shortly with details about how we intend to set up this additional parent communication link.


Key dates for your Spring Term diaries:


This is on Friday 4th March, at the Steiner Hall, beginning at 2.30pm and lasting about one hour.


This is on Friday 18th March and we have brought the time forward to 8.30am finishing at 11.00am. We hope many parents will find the earlier time more accommodating for their work schedules and any ‘feed back’ about this would be helpful.


CHESS GROUPS are now both on FRIDAYS beginning 15th January

First session for the GROUP ONE is at 8.15am beginning next Friday.

First session for GROUP TWO is at 8.45am beginning next Friday.


JUNIOR & SENIOR CLUBS 3.30 – 4.30pm

First club sessions begin next Wednesday, 13th January and the activities will include Filmmaking, History and Baking for the seniors and Science, Hip Hop dance and a Model-making workshop for the Juniors.



Hard to believe that it was this time last year we began putting our admin system on to SIMS (Schools Information Management System). Thanks to parents for filling in what probably felt like endless information forms followed by a big thank you to Ms White for her stalwart efficiency and patience first checking and then programming in the data.

Stage One is almost completed but, of course, there are more stages to go including our continuous staff development programme. Two new Interactive touch boards In Form Five and Form Six classrooms means we now have IT boards in every classroom. To support their use there was another IT INSET for staff with Shorifa Khanam, our Consultant Primary Curriculum Advisor, prior to the start of the term.


The purchase of new books, however, has not been overlooked and we are just about to take delivery of Mrs Walsh’s and Miss Burke’s wish list of books from Waterstones. Encouraging the children’s independent reading remains key to developing their ideas, experiences and critical thinking as well as the development of their knowledge both within and beyond the confines of the national curriculum. We are sure these lovely new books will enthuse their new readers.



We are aware that some uniform items (swimming costumes for instance) have been difficult to obtain recently and so a review of options and availability is under way. If you have had significant problems obtaining clothing items please inform the office this week.



There has been one case of Chicken Pox reported during the Christmas break and, whilst we suspect we are no longer in a period of incubation, please be aware and do notify the school if your child shows symptoms of the illness.


It is perfect weather for head lice and so we do ask our parents to be extra vigilant.


CHS News 8th December 2015

Christmas Performances & Events

Following the Christmas Plays, we barely drew breath as we prepared for the Carol Concert at St John’s Church this afternoon. Please do remember to pick up your copy of the Christmas Plays DVD as you arrive.


A special thank you to all our parents who helped with the face painting on the day. As always, your children’s costumes were superb and Miss Meggeson’s masterful hairdressing skills quite literally blew us away.


The children had a wonderful time at the Christmas Lunch and at the Christmas Party yesterday, where they enjoyed a variety of traditional games, Wink Murder being one of the seniors’ favourites!


The CHS Post Box was full to the brim this morning with our Form Six acting as Christmas postgirls and delivering to the classrooms – a tradition going back fifty years!


Last Day of Term

Tomorrow is our final morning of term with the children being collected at five-minute intervals from 12:15 for Junior One to 12:30 Forms Five and Six. There will be a grand assembly with a mixture of Christmas carols and favourite songs along with some terrible Christmas jokes!


Another CHS tradition is that the children are allowed to bring a toy in on the last day of the term. This is known to the children as ‘Toy Day’ and there are clear rules attached:

Children can bring in toys, games and board games that they can play together with their friends. Please do not send any digital games or any valuable or sentimental toys that would cause upset if damaged.


Contact details

Ms White has asked for her new email address to be shared with you: that should be used for any admin or general office correspondence. Additionally, if you have not already done so, we would like you to take note of our new CHS text number: 07860 027 415 – please do note that this is a text only number.


Finally, every member of staff would like to join us in thanking parents for the wonderful and very generous gifts received and to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year.


We are looking forward to seeing the children back and ready to go for the Spring Term on Wednesday, 6 January 2016. In the meanwhile, we hope everyone manages a relaxing break!


Best wishes,


The Hamptons